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d:tribe Capital is a Singapore-based, Asia-focused venture capital firm nurturing successful entrepreneurs building the future through technology. We have made over 50 investments to date in seed to early-stage technology companies across the Consumer Internet,  Enterprise Tech, Fintech and Digital Health space.

Our vision is to be ‘enablers of the next generation’ with an unrelenting mission to identify bold entrepreneurs and their teams with brilliant ideas and to not only invest in them, but to become their trusted advisors, providing valuable mentoring, insights and helping to connect them to the broader ecosystem. 

What makes us different?

  • We are entrepreneurs, backing entrepreneurs: we are different to traditional VC firms in that our founder is a highly successful entrepreneur himself, having built and exited several large ventures. It is through this process that we have developed a huge respect for entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial company building process; we know what it’s like to be in the founder’s shoes.


  • We move fast for the right opportunities: d:tribe is solely funded by our founder, which means we can be extremely agile and open-minded to backing brilliant opportunities. We despise bureaucracy, inefficiency and committees, valuing in-depth and engaging discussions to help us form our views. This all results in an ability to move rapidly on great opportunities.

Why the name d:tribe?

d is for Digitally Disruptive. The innovators leveraging technology to pioneer new and better ways of serving customers and disrupting traditional business models along the way.

tribe is a team of like-minded individuals with similar behaviors and anchored around a common set of beliefs and values. At the heart of our strategy is the coming together of key stakeholders to drive synergies through teamwork that deliver 1 + 1 = 3 outcomes for all parties.


The once in a 100-year storm has arrived, bought about by the Covid-19 pandemic which is driving an unprecedented disruption to the world as we know it. Covid-19 is the catalyst that is rapidly accelerating the existing transformation to digital and has bought healthcare to the forefront of individuals, governments, and the world. Traditional approaches to work/life balance, consumption of services, healthcare and many other fundamental elements of society are under-going rapid change.

It is our view that these fundamental shifts will result in a rapid acceleration in the following:

1.    Digital 'Everywhere' – how we work, operate, consume, play and interact

  • Cloud-based enterprise enablement and security

  • Online-to-offline (o2o) easily discoverable and that seamlessly helps consumers

  • Efficient ways to distribute products to consumers in limited-contact ways

  • Products & services that make businesses more efficient

  • Broad or emerging social media presence

  • Efficient and stimulating ways to consume content and interact

2.    Healthcare 'Rebooted' – a massive ‘booster shot’ from technology 


  • Telehealth as a faster, often better quality and cheaper delivery system

  • Automation as ways to reduce workloads and improve the quality of data capture. 

  • Artificial Intelligence paired with huge quantities of existing health data to drive game-changing insights and improve the quality of healthcare

  • Connected devices to improve monitoring, enhance efficacy and produce better outcomes across the clinical spectrum.

d:tribe invests in seed to early-stage (series A) technology companies within the Asia-Pacific region, and that are best leveraged to these macro themes and the subsets within as follows:


 Payments, Processing & Networks / Mobile Wallets & Remittances / Wealth Management  / Insurance / Lending & Marketplaces / Regulatory & Compliance / Capital Markets & Institutional Trading 


Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics / Telehealth & Remote Care  / Distribution & Marketplaces / Connected Devices / Automation


eCommerce & Marketplaces / eCommerce Enablement / Offline to Online (o2o) / Social Platforms / Entertainment / Communication


Advertising, Sales & Marketing / Monitoring & Security / Business Intelligence, Analytics & Performance Mgt / Supply Chain & Logistics



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