We're a tribe.

At the heart of our strategy lies the coming together of like-minded founders to drive synergies through teamwork to deliver optimal outcomes for all parties. The word 'tribe' in our name highlights our collective agenda, driven by a common set of values, with an unrelenting focus on the mission ahead of us. 

At DTRIBE Capital, we know it takes much more than just capital to help founders rapidly scale and reach profitability. That is where we come in. In addition to investing, we provide valuable mentoring, insights, and connections to a strong network. 

DTRIBE Capital was started by an experienced founder with a mission to nurture the next generation of bold entrepreneurs - having built and exited several large ventures himself. Simply put, we know what it's like to be in the founder's shoes, and respect our founders who live and breathe their company every day. 

We engage early and strive to be with you throughout your journey holding a long-term perspective and actively participating in helping you to build the future. We'd love to get to know you and your team as early as we can. 


Our Global Leadership Team.


Michelle Chang

Investment Director

Sam Rhee Advisor DTRIBE Capital

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