Peter is a decisive leader, who has excelled in creating, growing, and turning around businesses, in mature and developing markets for over 30 years, whilst managing turbulent and unpredictable environments. He is an authentic leader, whose strong values system and clear communication, inspire respect and high engagement of leadership teams. An adaptive, disciplined, and focused executor of strategy, who is recognized for not being easily distracted or diverted in delivering results. 


Peter created and set up franchising models across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Middle East, Pacific Islands, and Africa, including successful listing on the BSE of the South West area of India. Through these experiences, Peter has a thorough understanding of consumer trends and brand positioning and relevance in diversified markets.


Currently, Peter serves as the Executive Chairman of Gong Cha Group. He is also a Private Equity consulting expert. Having worked in consulting for major deals in APAC such as McDonald's China/ HK- Carlyle Group Laser Clinics Au - KKR and many more for mid-large PE firms. Peter was also Division President for McDonald's 35 countries across Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Pacific Islands, and Africa.

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