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d:tribe is proud to have backed in excess of 50 entrepreneurs and their teams, each of which are driving disruptive innovation in the areas of Enterprise Technology, Consumer Internet, Fintech and Digital Health.


Here are just a few of our investments:

elucid labs

aims to democratize AI-powered point-of-care medicine by performing digital biopsy.

Current IRR: 2.1


automatically audits shelf stock gaps and discrepancies for the world’s leading retailers. Using AI and deep learning technologies to view shelves as per the shopper experience

Current IRR: 2.9



autonomous security robots that patrol malls, sports arenas, and corporate campuses for the likes of Microsoft, Uber 

Current IRR: 2.7


a process pipeline management platform empowering 

organizations to create and execute their own custom workflows.

Current IRR: 3.4


changing the way medicine gets delivered offering telehealth physician & pharmacy solutions for partners and patients

Current IRR: 7.4


a mission-driven company transforming the way cancer is treated through technology to reduce cost and time of drug development.

Current IRR: 2.1


Increase velocity and reduce technical debt through quality code review by expert engineers backed by best-in-class automation.

Current IRR: 2.7


is the trusted marketplace for buying, selling and renting almost anything. Buy the things you’ll use a lot and rent the things you won’t. 

Current IRR: 1.9


helps online game players find a competent group. It slims things down to what most gamers need. Guilded enables players or teams to build tools that can help them recruit faster and play better.

Current IRR: 1.8

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